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Half day tour Santorini


Dandelion Travel offers customized, personalized Santorini private tours. We can help you choose, but feel free to shape and form the tour the way you want it. We provide the guidelines about the best ways to explore Santorini, its villages and beaches, its natural beauty and its archaeological sites; use these recommendations to build your own experience and enjoy Santorini.

The guided private tours offered by Dandelion Travel are as follows:

  • Half-day tour: Enjoy the best the island has to offer; a quick way to discover some of the most important Santorini attractions, such as Oia and the Black Beach.
  • Full-day tour: If you have more time, the full-day tour will be a more thorough Santorini sightseeing experience. Visit more places or enjoy the island in a more relaxed pace.
  • Wine tour: Visit Santorini’s traditional wineries and taste the famous Santorini wines, along with local delicacies.
  • Custom tour: If you know exactly what you want to see or if you want an itinerary based on your preferences, the custom tour is for you.

Custom tour Santorini

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Full day tour Santorini

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Wine tour Santorini