Santorini Festivities

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The people of Santorini know how to have a good time. Summer is the season of festivities, mainly religious ones. Attending one will bring you that much closer to the local culture. Make sure to be at Santorini around the 15th of August, which is when many churches and monasteries around the island celebrate the Assumption of Mary. At Kamari, Oia and Perissa, you will see people dancing, enjoying local delicacies and generally having lots of fun.

Santorini Cuisine

The staples of the Mediterranean diet are the staples of Santorini. Fresh fish, juicy tomatoes, dried herbs that grow on the island, various kinds of soft cheese will make for a delicious meal. Accompany them with the famous Santorini wines. A surprising way to taste the best recipes of Santorini is during Dandelion Travel’s wine tour. Many wineries will cook for you some of the greatest delicacies of the island, so the wine tasting can be that much better.

Prophet Elias Monastery and Other Religious Grounds

Dandelion Travel Santorini - Private Tours

The monastery of Prophet Elias is at the highest point of the island and offers amazing views. The monks are very friendly and also sell handmade Santorini products for you to bring home. Dandelion Travel can also drive you to some of the most important religious landmarks of Santorini, such as the Blue Domed Churches that can be found both in Oia and Fira.

Imerovigli and Skaros

Dandelion Travel Santorini - Private Tours

Another famous village of Santorini is Imerovigli. Its highlight is the Castle of Skaros, that was built in the early thirteenth century and offers amazing views, as it is the topmost point of the caldera. Imerovigli has been declared a traditional settlement and it is indeed a marvel to walk through its cobblestone pathways and just take in the beauty of the Aegean islands. A visit to Imerovigli and Skaros is definitely a must.

Santorini Wines

Good climate, good soil and a centuries-old tradition are responsible for the excellent wines of Santorini, another source of pride for the people of the island. Dandelion Travel can take you on a wine tour of Santorini to taste Vinsanto and Assyrtiko, as well as some of the local delicacies. Santorini has a lot of traditional wineries to choose from, as well as some new, boutique wineries, that can show you a new twist on the wine experience.